Religious (Women)


The Congregation of the Sisters of the Imitation of Christ (SIC), called ‘Bethany Sisters’ was founded by Servant of God Mar Ivanios on 8 September 1925 in the Syrian Jacobite Church. Mar Ivanios believed that the spiritual renovation of the Malankara Jacobite Church is possible only through dedicated men and women in the Church. Being guided by the Holy Spirit, Mar Ivanios founded the Congregation as a source of spiritual force and renewal of the Malankara Syrian Church. Accompanied with the path of the founder, the first ten members of the Congregation also re-united with the Catholic Church on 22 September 1930, which was officiated by Mar Ivanios himself. Bethany, an active Congregation lays emphasis on liturgical life, as a life of prayer and contemplation. By the grace of God Almighty and the benevolence of His Excellency Cardinal Eugine Tisserant, head of the Sacred Congregation of the Oriental Churches, the SIC Congregation was raised to the Pontifical Status on 6 August 1956. In 1975, Generalate has shifted from Tiruvalla to Kalathipady, Kottayam.

The Charism of the Congregation is spiritual renewal of the Syro- Malankara Church, Reunion, Evangelization and the upliftment of women through Imitation of Christ. Now there are 819 Sisters and 19 Novices in the five Provinces of Trivandrum, Tiruvalla, Bathery, Pathanamthitta and Muvattupuzha. Our missionary activities extend to four continents Asia, Europe, America & Africa.

The General Administrative Body

Superior General            :    Mother Little Flower SIC

General Councillors        :    Rev. Sr. Ardra SIC

                                        :    Rev. Sr. Thejus SIC

                                        :    Rev. Sr. Shanthi SIC        

Secretary                         :    Rev. Sr. Vineetha SIC

Procurator General          :    Rev. Sr. Ashish SIC                   

Bethany Sisters Generalate

Vadavathoor P.O., Kottayam- 686 010, Kerala, India.

Tel. 0481-2578537, 2578437, Fax : 2578537




Bethany Sisters Provincialate,

Nalanchira P.O., Trivandrum-695 015

Tel : 0471-2533695, Fax- 2533243; E-mail:

(Estd. 23 April 1936)

    Provincial Superior                                 :     Rev. Mother Damascene SIC

    Councillors                                             :     Rev. Sr. Sandra  SIC

                                                                   :     Rev. Sr. Keerthana SIC

                                                                   :   Rev. Sr. Georgina SIC

                                                                   :     Rev. Sr. Mahima SIC

    Secretary                                                :     Rev. Sr. Georgina SIC

    Provincial Procurator                              :     Rev. Sr. Deothis SIC

    Total Members                                        :     251

    Total Houses                                           :     40

    Institutions in which sisters serve            :     09

Activities: Direct participation in the various activities of the Church. Give pastoral assistance in the parishes and missions. The province also undertakes various activities such as running hospitals, balabhavans, educational institutions, hostels and book binding units, home for the aged, baby creche, promote leprosy control survey, education treatment and rehabilitation, aids control, palliative care centre, manages rehabilitation centers for the physically handicapped women and other social welfare activities especially in rural areas. Missionary activities and service extend to other states of India and abroad like Germany, America, Italy, and Ethiopia.


1.    Nalanchira (Estd. 23 April 1936)

       Bethany Madhom, Nalanchira P.O., Thiruvananthapuram- 695 015


       01.  Rev. Mother Damascene SIC

       02.  Rev. Sr. Nairmallya SIC

       03. Rev. Sr. Sandra SIC

       04. Rev. Sr. Georgina SIC

       05. Rev. Sr. Deothis SIC

       06. Rev. Sr. Saleena SIC (Catholicate)                   

       07. Rev. Sr. Anugraha SIC (Germany)

       08. Rev. Sr. Ardra SIC (Generalate)

       09. Rev. Sr. Ashish SIC (Generalate)

       10. Rev. Sr. Yeldo SIC (Kurisumala)

       11.  Rev. Sr. Saumini SIC

       12.  Rev. Sr. Suphala SIC

       13.  Rev. Sr. Merin SIC (Germany)

       14.  Rev. Sr. Preethi SIC (Germany)

       15.  Rev. Sr. Prasantha SIC (Ethiopia)

       16.  Rev. Sr. Vinaya SIC (Rome)

       17.  Rev. Sr. Mercy SIC (Study)              

       18.  Rev. Sr. Jaseenta SIC (Study)

       19. Rev. Sr. Ann SIC

       This is the Provincial house and the formation house of Thiruvananthapuram  Province.

2.    Local House Nalanchira

       Bethany Madhom, Nalanchira P.O., Thiruvananthapuram- 695 015


       01.  Rev. Sr. Resmi SIC (Superior)

       02.  Rev. Sr. Rehmas SIC

       03.  Rev. Sr. Hadusa SIC

       04.  Rev. Sr. Sauma SIC

       05.  Rev. Sr. Sophia SIC

       06.  Rev. Sr. Augustine SIC

       07.  Rev. Sr. Pauline SIC

       08.  Rev. Sr. Monica SIC

       09.  Rev. Sr. Agatha SIC                  

       10.  Rev. Sr. Assuntha SIC

       11. Rev. Sr. Doreen SIC

       12. Rev. Sr. Lumina  SIC

       13. Rev. Sr. Besma SIC

       14. Rev. Sr. Laetitia SIC

       15. Rev. Sr. Nahir SIC

       16. Rev. Sr. Gemma SIC

       17. Rev. Sr. Santhi SIC

       18. Rev. Sr. Isabel SIC

       19. Rev. Sr. Manonja SIC

       20. Rev. Sr. Akshaya SIC

       21. Rev. Sr. Manjusha SIC

       22. Rev. Sr. Anand SIC

       23. Rev. Sr. Cyril SIC

       24. Rev. Sr. Adarsa SIC

       25. Rev. Sr. Catherine SIC

       26. Rev. Sr. Amal SIC

       27. Rev. Sr. Zita SIC

       28. Rev. Sr. Madline SIC

       29.  Rev. Sr. Aquina SIC

       30.  Rev. Sr. Celia SIC

       31. Rev. Sr. Rose SIC

       32. Rev. Sr. Agna SIC (MSSS)

       33.  Rev. Sr. Rosila SIC

       34. Rev. Sr. Pradeepa SIC

       35.  Rev. Sr. Jubila SIC

       36.  Rev. Sr. Saswatha SIC (Seminary)

       37.  Rev. Sr. Vimala SIC

       38.  Rev. Sr. Sandeepa SIC

       39.  Rev. Sr. Naivedya SIC (Tomb Chapel)               

        Activities: Sisters assist in different mission stations and parishes. They  run St. Goretti’s Nursery, LP, HS and HSS Schools, St. Rita’s UP and LP  Schools, a creche and a school of tailoring for women.

3.    Elamad (Estd. 17 August 2002)

       Bethany Madhom, Elamad PO, Kollam-691 531


       01.  Rev. Sr. Ruth SIC (Superior)

       02.  Rev. Sr. Linda SIC

       03.  Rev. Sr. Celina SIC

        Activities: Sisters assist in Mission stations, render service to the E.M. school run by Major Archieparchy of Trivandrum.

4.    Kalayapuram (Estd. 14 October 1978)

       Bethany Madhom, Kalayapuram P.O., Kottarakara-691 560


       01.  Rev. Sr. Bernadine SIC (Superior)

       02. Rev. Sr. Hasio  SIC

       03. Rev. Sr. Treesa SIC

       04.  Rev. Sr. Jobin SIC

        Activities: Besides running a nursery school, LP and UP school they participated in different mission activities in various churches.

5.    Kulappada (Estd. 3 February 1999)

       Bethany Madhom, Kulappada P.O., Nedumangad-695 442


       01.  Rev. Sr. Pavana SIC (Superior)

       02.  Rev. Sr. Macreena SIC

       03.  Rev. Sr. Darsitha SIC

        Activities: Sisters assist in missions and run a creche, a nursery and High school.

6.    Kulathupuzha (Estd. 28 May 1985)

       Bethany Madhom, Kulathupuzha, Kollam-691 310


       01.  Rev. Sr. Eymard SIC (Superior)

       02.  Rev. Sr. Jean SIC

       03.  Rev. Sr. Santhwana SIC

       04.  Rev. Sr. Praghosha SIC

       Activities: Sisters assist in mission stations and run a nursery and LP school.

7.    Kumarapuram (Tvm) (Estd. 1 June 1988)

       Bethania Rehabilitation Centre, Philip’s Hill,

       Kumarapuram, Thiruvananthapuram- 695 011


       01.  Rev. Sr. Sookthi SIC (Superior cum Directress)

       02.  Rev. Sr. Seena SIC

       03.  Rev. Sr. Yaga SIC

        Activities: Sisters are engaged in missionary activities, run a rehabilitation centre for physically challenged women and give them training in computer, cutting & tailoring, embroidery work and book binding.

8.    Kuravankonam (Estd. 29 June 1966)

       Bethany Madhom, Kuravankonam, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 003


       01.  Rev. Sr. Josepha SIC (Superior)

       02.  Rev. Sr. Berchmans SIC

       03.  Rev. Sr. Nuhom SIC

       04.  Rev. Sr. Pradeepthi SIC

       05.  Rev. Sr. Neetha SIC

        Activities: Sisters take part in parish activities and serve in the Pastoral Education Centre and run a CBSE school up to XII standard.    

9.    Kuriode (Estd. 28 May 1970)

       Bethany Madhom, Kuriode P.O., Chadayamangalam-691 534


       01.  Rev. Sr. Karuna SIC (Sister Incharge)

       02.  Rev. Sr. Sathya SIC

       03. Rev. Sr. Prathyasa SIC

        Activities: Sisters assist mission stations and manage a rehabilitation centre for physicaly challenged young girls and run a nursery school. There is also a speach therapy unit.

10.  Manjakala (Estd. 1 October 2000)

       Bethany Madhom, Manjakala P.O., Kunnicode, Kollam-691 508,


       01.  Rev. Sr. Zalik SIC (Superior)

       02.  Rev. Sr. Clarisa SIC

       03.  Rev. Sr. Amrutha SIC

       Activities: Sisters engaged in missionary activities and run a nursery and LP school.

11.  MTT College Hostel - Nalanchira (Estd. 18 June 1964)    

       Nalanchira PO, Thiruvananthapuram- 695 015


       01.  Rev. Sr. Esther SIC (Warden)

       02.  Rev. Sr. Mangala SIC

       03.  Rev. Sr. Roshni SIC      

       05.  Rev. Sr. Swasthy SIC

       06.  Rev. Sr. Marian SIC      

       07.  Rev. Sr. Ajay SIC

       08.  Rev. Sr. Blessy SIC

       09.  Rev. Sr. Vijay SIC

       10.  Rev. Sr. Tessa SIC      

        Activities: Sisters assist in mission stations and render service to MTT  college hostel and teach in St. Goretti’s HS, St. John’s HSS.

12.  M T C (Estd. 30 May 1998)

       Mar Ivanios Missiological Theological Centre

       Bethany Nagar, Nalanchira PO, TVM-695 015


       01.  Rev. Sr. Namitha SIC (Sister incharge)             

       02.  Rev. Sr. Unnatha  SIC

       03.  Rev. Sr. Vachana SIC      

       04.  Rev. Sr. Prassona SIC      

       05.  Rev. Sr. Jeena SIC      

       06.  Rev. Sr. Josia SIC

        Activities: Conduct short terms courses and retreat for the religious and laity. Take classes in the parishes for the promotion of faith and Christian living. Sisters also visit houses and give guidance and counselling to individuals and families.

13.  Pirapencode (Estd. 11 February 1964)

       Bethany Madhom, Pirapencode P.O., Venjaramoodu-695 607


       01. Rev. Sr. Louisa SIC (Superior)        

       02. Rev. Sr. Emilda SIC.     

       03. Rev. Sr. Fidelis SIC

       04. Rev. Sr. Judith SIC

        Activities: Sisters render service in St. John’s Malankara Medical Village, promote leprosy control and rehabilitation and serve in Asha Bhavan a centre for AIDS, counselling, palliative care and the rehabilitation of the children of HIV patients.

14. Pirapencode Old Age Home (Estd: 6 April 2016)

       Bethany Kripalaya, Pirapencode P.O, Venjarammoodu, 695607.


       01. Rev. Sr. Sobhitha SIC (Sister Incharge)

       02. Rev. Sr. Sannidhya SIC (Social Work Co-ordinator)

       03. Rev. Sr. Jesline SIC

15.  Punalur (Estd. 17 July 1988)

       Bethany Madhom, Punalur P.O., Kollam-691 305


       01.  Rev. Sr. Nirleena SIC (Superior)       

       02.  Rev. Sr. Gwiadis SIC

       03.  Rev. Sr. Hrudya SIC

       04.  Rev. Sr. Feba SIC

       Activities: Sisters assist in parishes and run a nursery and LP school.

16.  Valakom (Estd.15 June 1991)

       Bethany Madhom, Valakom, Kollam-691 532


       01.  Rev. Sr.  Mahima SIC  (Superior)

       02.  Rev. Sr. Theodesia SIC      

       03.  Rev. Sr. Sujaya SIC      

       04.  Rev. Sr. Chethana SIC

       05.  Rev. Sr. Magi SIC (Pushpagiri)

        Activities: Sisters assist in apostholic activities in the parish and manage a nursery and LP school.

17.  Nature Cure Centre

       Bethany Nature Cure Centre, Nalanchira P.O.,

       Thiruvananthapuram-695 015


       01.  Rev. Sr. Hekmas SIC  (Sister Incharge)

       02.  Rev. Sr. Sudeepa SIC


18.  Palayam (Pathanamthitta Province)

       Bethany Hostel, Punnan Road.,

       Thiruvananthapuram-695 039


       01.  Rev. Sr. Christine SIC  (Sister Incharge)

       02.  Rev. Sr. Dorothi SIC

       03.  Rev. Sr. Vijaya SIC

       04.  Rev. Sr. Sudha SIC

       05.  Rev. Sr. Ann SIC

       06.  Rev. Sr. Noble SIC

19.  Enathu (Pathanamthitta Province)

       Bethany Convent, Enathu P O,

       Pathanamthitta -691526


       01.  Rev. Sr. Francina SIC  (Sister Incharge)

       02.  Rev. Sr. Surabhila SIC

       03.  Rev. Sr. Joel SIC