Religious (Women)


The special charism of AMU is to live the Word of God in all situations in view of unity with the Triune.

The Missionaries of Unity seek to live the charism of keeping Jesus in their midst by constantly living the commandment of love and work for the unity and integral development of people, especially of the poorest and marginalized members of the society. Their special apostolate is to dedicate themselves to the development of the spiritual and vocational skills of children and youths, especially of those who hail from the poorest families and sections of the society. They derive inspiration from the vision and life of Mar Ivanios, the servant of God, and commit themselves to the task of new evangelization by offering formation programs for children, youths and their parents. They also engage themselves in dialogue of life with Christians of all denominations and with people of other faiths and convictions in view of realizing the life-goal of Jesus that “all may be one”. The sisters live the spirituality of communion and work in collaboration with priests and lay missionaries who are dedicated to the same goal and live the same charism.

        Founder & Director                :   Rev. Dr. Thomas Kulangara

                                                           Unity House, Chittazha,

                                                           Vattappara P.O., Trivandrum- 695028,


        Assistant Director                   :   Rev. Fr. John Punnara,

                                                            Unity Ashram, Idanj, Malayilkada,

                                                            Manchavilakom P.O., Trivandrum- 695503

        General Servant of Unity        :  Rev. Sr. Tesita Mary AMU,

                                                           Unity Ashram, Idanji, Malayilkada,

                                                           Manchavilakom P.O.,Trivandrum 695503

                                                           Tel. 9495832587


1.    Unity House, Chittazha

        Vattappara P.O., Trivandrum. Pin: 695028,

        Tel: 0472-2585007


        01.  Rev. Sr. Suseela Mary  AMU   (Sister Servant )

       02.  Rev. Sr. Anna AMU

        03.  Rev. Sr. Raisamma AMU

        04.  Rev. Sr. Merin AMU

        05.  Rev. Sr. Usha AMU

        Candidates : Vincy Maria & Dini David

        Activities : The sisters facilitate the integral progress of the girls residing in the house and help out in the mission work of the parishes of Thiruvananthapuram, Kilimanoor, Kazhakoottam and Nedumangad districts where there exist groups of Children for Unity.

3.    Snehadeepam Unity House

        Thannipoika, Chittazha, Vattappara P.O., Trivandrum. Pin: 695028

        Tel. 9447461680

        Activities : This is a ‘School of Life’ where young men desirous of integral progress towards self-reliance are given formation. The formation consists mainly of living the Word of God and developing their spiritual and technical skills. They are given training at least in three trades such as electrical, plumbing and masonry. Theoretical learning is combined with practical work inside and outside the house. The students are given special coaching in Spoken English and Hindi. Besides, obtaining recognised certificates in particular trades, on completion of three years, they can get a diploma in Building Engineering.