Religious (Women)



The Sacred Heart Congregation for women is a community of love which took shape in the Syro-Malabar Church in Kerala by the infinite providence of God. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Church in Kerala felt the lack of religious congregation for women which provided opportunity for the common for a dedicated life and for the care of the orphans. The miserable conditions of neglected children and the aged destitute touched Rev. Fr. Mathew Kadalikkattil who was the assistant vicar of the Cathedral, Pala during the first decade of the 20th century. He was a fervent devotee of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and a man of compassionate heart. He spent days and nights before the Blessed Sacrament. Seeking his divine will and divine inspiration that came to him marked the beginning of the Sacred Heart Congregation. The aim of the Congregation is that the members should live radically the discipleship of Christ, experiencing deeply the compassionate love of God, the father, manifested through the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and sharing it with others, especially the poor and afflicted.

        The Congregation was founded on 1 January 1911 with four members in a temporary modest house at Pala by the Servant of God Fr. Mathew Kadalikkattil. At first the communities in different eparchies considered themselves autonomous. In 1974 the Mother Generals of these independent units of Pala, Changanassery and Kothamangalam inspired by the Spirit of the Vatican II merged under the Superior-Generals. Proclamation of unification was made on 1 August 1974. On 11 March 1976 our Congregation was raised to the status of “Juris Pontifices” by the Holy See. The growth of the Congregation continued steadily. Today the Congregation has 11 Provinces and one Vice-Province with 3600 sisters and 450 houses in various parts of the world.

        Our apostolate covers care of destitute, health care, home mission, education, social service, orphanage, schools for the mentally retarded, home for the aged and disabled, evangelization, press and publication.

        We also help in the Parish work like Catechizing and Liturgical training. In all fields of our work we try to hold up and display our special charism of the overflowing compassionate love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

        The Generalate is situated at Manganam, Kottayam. The cause of Beatification of Servant of God Fr. Mathew Kadalikkttil is in progress.

        In the course of time, the congregation began to grow and the sisters were called to serve in many parishes and the Eparchies. Reading the sign of the time, the Sacred Heart Sisters of Kothamangalam, Pala and Idukki Provinces called to extend our humble service in Syro - Malankara Major Archieparchy  of Thrivananthapuram. His Grace Benedict Mar Gregorios, the Arch Bishop of Thiruvananthapuram cordially invited us to the Eparchy, and the first house was opened at Bethany Hills, Nalanchira (S.H.C. Sarvodaya) on 15 January 1975.


The General Administrative Body:

Mother General                     :   Rev. Sr. Little Tresa SH

        Councillors                      :   Rev. Sr. Ancilla Thayil SH (Vicar Superior General, Education)

                                                :   Rev. Sr. Joice Liza SH (Evangelization)

                                                :   Rev. Sr. Jane Francis SH (Charitative Activities)

                                                : Rev. Sr. Christy Maria SH (Social Work Activities]

        Auditor General               :   Rev. Sr. Celine Kunnumpurathu SH

        Procurator General          :   Rev. Sr. Jessy Philip SH

Sacred Heart Generalate

Manganam. P.O. 686018,

Kottayam District,

Kerala, India.

Phone: 0481- 2578598 : 0481-2573110


Date of Establishment: 27-12-1980



(Estd: 1 January 1911)

S.H. Provincial house, Pala P.O

Kottayam District-686575, Kerala State, India

Tel. 0482-2215221, 0481-2212225, Fax: 0481-2215221



        Provincial Superior                    : Rev. Sr. Merline Areeparambil SH

        Vicar Provincial - Evangelization  :   Rev. Sr. Elsa Tom SH

        Charitative Activities                     :   Rev. Sr. Annice Koottiyaniyil SH

        Education                                      :   Rev. Sr. Daisy Chovelikudiyil SH

        Social Work Activities                    :   Rev. Sr. Taisy Jacob SH

        Auditor                                           :   Rev. Sr. Elsy Abraham SH

        Procurator                                      :   Rev. Sr. Mary Kunnemury  SH


1.    Arasuparambu (Estd. 26 May 1988)

        S.H. Convent, Arasuparambu, Nedumangadu P.O., Trivandrum - 695541


        01. Rev. Sr. Elisilit Kurisumkaparambil SH (Superior)

        02. Rev. Sr. Elsy Manual  SH

        03. Rev. Sr. Tessy Mathew SH

        04. Rev. Sr. Bency Karottumalayil SH

        05. Rev. Sr. Lincy Madathil SH

        06. Rev. Sr. Ancilit SH

        Activities: Sisters are actively engaged in mission works. They run an English Medium Nursery and L.P. School.

2.    Kanjirampara (Estd. 30 June 1992)

        S.H. Convent, Kanjirmpara P.O., Trivandrum - 695030


        01. Rev. Sr. Janice Mary SH (Superior)

        02. Rev. Sr. Infant Mary SH

        03. Rev. Sr. Amala Jose SH

        04. Rev. Sr. Concelia SH

        05. Rev. Sr. Noble Philip SH

        Activities: Sisters work in various mission stations and teach in the school. They run a Tailoring school and garment unit.

3.    Kavadithala [Estd. 29 May 1980]

        S.H. Convent, Kavadithala, Manikandeswaram P.O., Trivandrum 655013


        01. Rev. Sr. Tresa Kappil SH (Superior)

        02. Rev. Sr. Alice Mary SH

        03. Rev. Sr. Lissuex Keepuram SH

        04. Rev. Sr. Vimala Kadaplakal SH

        Activities: Sisters work in mission stations, teaching in L.P. school. They run a Nursery school, tailoring school, Garment unit and “S.H. Balikabhavan” for the poor girls.

5.    Nalanchira (Estd. 28 May 2002)

        S.H. Convent, Jyothi Bhavan, Rose Nagar

        Nalanchira P.O., Thiruvananthapuram 695015


        01. Rev. Sr. Ancy Kadukanmackal SH (Superior)

        02. Rev. Sr. Marylit SH

        03. Rev. Sr. Lourde Maria Edavakandathil SH

        Activities: Sisters assist in different mission stations and parishes. They run a free boarding school for the poor girls studying in UP, HS and HSS.

6.    Pattom (Estd. 26 May 1994)

        S.H. Study House, Panachamoodu lane

        Pattom P.O., Thiruvananthapuram 695004


        01. Rev. Sr. Sebas Maria SH (Superior)

        02. Rev. Sr. Alphin Korkuzhiyil SH   

        03. Rev. Sr. Maria George SH

        04. Rev. Sr. Cicy Mattel SH

        Activities: Sisters run a ladies hostel. They engage in parish ministry and render their service in St. Mary’s HSS Pattom.



[Estd. 20 September 1960]

        Provincial Superior   :  Rev. Sr. Thresiamma Pallikunnel  SH

        Vicar Provincial           :   Rev. Sr. Jees Maria Kuttiara  SH

        Chritative Activities     :   Rev. Sr. Johnsy Maria Pullumarikunnel   SH

        Education                   :   Rev. Sr. Elsa Jose Poonattu SH

        Social Work                :   Rev. Sr. Suja Melekudiyil  SH

        Auditor                        :   Rev. Sr. Pius Kappiarumalayil SH

        Procurator                  :   Rev. Sr. Mary Elavumkunnel SH

        Secretary                   :   Rev. Sr. Ann Grace Konickal SH

        Address                     :   SH Provincial House

                                               Kothamangalam P.O. 686691

                                               Kerale state, India

                                               Ph. 04852-860012, 04842-862401



1.    Kumarapuram (Estd. 29 November 1995)

        S.H. Jyothi Centre Medical College P.O.,

        Kumarapuram, Thiruvananthapuram 695 001


        01. Rev. Sr. Tessy Mathew SH (Director)

        02. Rev. Sr. Mercy Jose SH

        03. Rev. Sr.Theodosius SH

        04. Rev. Sr. Rosey SH

        05. Rev. Sr. Jaseena SH

        Activities: Sisters actively participate in parish work, teaching and jail ministry and provide spiritual, mental and physical help for the poor patients of RCC staying in this centre.

2.    Kunnapuzha (Estd 10 June 2003)

        S.H. Convent, Aramada P.O., Kunnapuzha, Thiruvananthapuram 695032


        01. Rev. Sr.  Regina Mary Nedumpettil SH (Superior)

        02. Rev. Sr. Ancilit Oroplackel SH         

        03. Rev. Sr. Tissy Thekketharayil SH

        Activities: Sisters assist in pastoral activities and teach in the school.

3.    Nalanchira (Estd. 15 January 1975)

        S.H.Convent, Mar Ivanios Vidya Nagar, Nalanchira, TVM- 695015


        01. Rev. Sr. Jaya Maria SH (Superior)

        02. Rev. Sr. Alex Kurianal SH

        03. Rev. Sr. Ansiline Koloth SH

        04. Rev. Sr. Mable Mancheril SH

        05. Rev. Sr. Litty Vazhuthanappillil SH

        06. Rev. Sr. Mary Thomas Vellanjiyil SH

        Activities: Sisters assist in various mission stations, teach in different schools and run a ladies hostel.

4.    Odanavatoom (Estd on 11 september 1975)

        SH Convent, Odanavattom P.O., Kottarakkara- 691512


        01. Rev. Sr.  Saley Rose Pulickal  SH (Superior)

        02. Rev. Sr.  Anie Tom Matheckal  SH

        03. Rev. Sr. Jyothis Panthenal  SH

        04. Rev. Sr. Jancy Paickattu SH         

        05. Rev. Sr. Joisy Karingattil  SH

        Activities: Sisters engage in mission works, teaching.

5.    Palayam (Estd. on 13 January 1994)

        SH Convent, General  Hospital Junction, Vanchiyoor P.O, – 695035


        01. Rev. Sr.  Reeja Joseph Pallackal SH    (Superior)

        02. Rev. Sr.  Rosy Maria Kuravakkatt SH

        Activities: Sisters engage in mission works, social works and teaching.

6.    Pappanamcode (Estd. on 1 February 1987)

        SH Convent, Pappanamcode P.O., Thiruvananthapuram-18


        01.  Rev. Sr.  Prasuna Vattakuzhiyil SH (Superior)

        02.  Rev. Sr. Ranitta Kavalath SH

        03.  Rev. Sr.  Sophy Thoppilan SH

        04. Rev. Sr.  Deepthy Makkolil SH

        05. Rev. Sr. Mary Ans Valiaplackal  SH

        06. Rev. Sr.  Alphons Mathew Thuruthippillil SH

        07. Rev. Sr. Philomina Plackaputhenpurayil SH

        08. Rev. Sr. Maria Francis Kottayil SH         

        09. Rev. Sr. Bigin Mary Nedumpalakunnel SH

        Activities:Sisters work in mission stations and teach in the school.

7.    Thamalam (Estd. 26 May 2002)

        S.H. Convent, Poojappura P.O., Thamalam, Thiruvananthapuram-695012


        01. Rev. Sr. Manjula Mariyill SH (Superior)

        02. Rev. Sr. Mariusa Orathel  SH

        03. Rev. Sr. Linta Maria Elayedum SH

        04. Rev. Sr. Monsy Mundakkal   SH         

        Activities: Sisters are actively engaged in mission works and Hospital.


(Estd: 18 December 2003)
S.H. Provincial House, Idukki
Rajamudy P.O., Murickassery - 685604
Ph. 04868-263203, 263448; E-mail:

    Provincial Superior      : Rev. Sr. Tesline Joseph SH
    Provincial Councillors : Rev. Sr. Mary Mattappillil SH (Vicar Provincial & Charitative Activities)
    Evangelization              : Rev. Sr. Elizabath Kulangara SH    
    Social Work Activities  : Rev. Sr. Tessy Malekudy SH     
    Education                      : Rev. Sr. Ans Mary Kallumkal SH

    Provincial Auditor        : Rev. Sr. Nirmala    SH
    Provincial Procurator   : Rev. Sr. Philo         SH

1.     Kunnukuzhy (Estd. 13 January 1994)
    SH Convent, Thekkummoodu
    Kunnukuzhy P.O., Thiruvananthapuram-695037

    01. Rev. Sr. Merliya Konnackal SH (Superior)
    02. Rev. Sr. Annjoe SH
    03. Rev. Sr. Anlit Thoppumthalackal SH
    04. Rev. Sr. Romitta Thakaruppillil SH    
    Activities: Sisters teach in the school, do house visiting, conduct prayer services and teach catechism.

2.    Pirapencode : (Estd. 2012)
     S.H.Convent. Mob No: 9744160133
    01. Rev. Sr. Dona Maria SH (Superior)
    02. Rev. Dr. Tesline Joseph SH (Clinical Psychologist)
    03. Rev. Sr. Julie Muthamuttu SH
    04. Rev. Sr. Little Therese Kallathu SH    
    Activities: Sisters work in the Hospital, in mental health dept, do house visiting, conduct prayer services.