Religious (Women)


Congregation of the Daughters of Mary (DM) is a Missionary Congregation of Pontifical Right according to Canon Law CCEO can.505 (2). It is founded by Monsignor Joseph Kuzhinjalil, a priest of the Archdiocese of Changanassery, with the Paternal blessings of the Servant of God and the Architect of the Reunion Movement Archbishop Mar Ivanios in Syro - Malankara Catholic Church 1938 at Marthandam, Kanyakumari District. The primary mission of the Congregation is to bring Good News to the poor and and neglected concentrating families for their integrated development as well as to announce the Gospel of Christ to the end of the world. Rev. Mother Mary Kallarackal is the Co-foundress of the Congregation.

At present they have 6 Provinces serving in all the Eparchies of the Syro - Malankara Catholic Church and 56 dioceses in different parts of the world. The Congregation has extended its service to 4 Continents of Europe, Asia, North America and Africa.

Activities: The Congregation engages in Pastoral assistance in different mission stations of the dioceses, full time evangelization and proclamation of the Word of God, house visiting ministry, conduct educational institutions up to higher secondary level, social service programmes, hospitals, Institutions for differently able children, mentally challenged and sick, school of nursing, college of nursing, dispensaries, hostels, vocation training centers for women, rehabilitation programmes for aged, handicapped, T.B. patients, Leprosy and Orphans.

        Founder                                         :     Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph Kuzhinjalil

        Born                                               :     24-5-1903

        Priestly Ordination                         :     17-12-1933

        Died                                               :     23-8-1983

        Co - foundress                               :     Rev. Mother Mary Kallarackal DM

        Born                                               :     17-4-1898

        Religious Profession                     :     4-6-1940

        Died                                               :     30-7-1985

        Foundation                                    :     8 May 1938

        Bifurcation                                     :     1 May 1987

        Pontifical Status                            :     15 October 1988

        Provinces                                      :     6


        01. St. Joseph’s                             :     Marthandam

        02. St. Mary’s                                 :     Pongumoodu (TVM)

        03. Nirmala                                    :     Venniyoor (TVM)

        04. Kristu Raja                               :     Punjab

        05. Marymatha                               :     Bathery

        06. Amala                                       :     Chanda (Maharashtra)              

        Total Sisters                                   :     917

        Houses and Residences              :     172

I. The General Administrative Body

        Superior General                            :       Rev. Mother Giles Mary DM

        General Councillors                        :       Rev. Sr. Patsy Francis DM

                                                                :       Rev. Sr. Susan Maria DM

                                                                :       Rev. Sr. Tresa Mathew DM

                                                                :       Rev. Sr. Mercy Joseph DM

        Finance Officer                                :       Rev. Sr. Deepthi Rose DM

        Secretary General                           :       Rev. Sr. Jessy Gladys DM

Maria Bhavan, Kudappanakunnu P.O.

Thiruvananthapuram 695043, Kerala, India.

Tel: 0471-2733600, 2731280 (Superior General),

Mob: 9961059435




ST. MARY’S PROVINCE (Pongummoodu)

Erection : May 1st 1987

 Provincial House, Pongummoodu,

Medical College P.O., Thiruvanathapuram- 695 011

Tel: 0471-2448332, 2553173; E-mail:



Mother Provincial         : Rev. Mother Mercy John DM

Provincial Councillors  : Rev. Sr. Tresa Peter DM

                                    : Rev. Sr. Tresa Jose DM   

                                    : Rev. Sr. Savidha Therese DM

                                    : Rev. Sr. Rejin Therese  DM

Provincial Treasurer   : Rev. Sr. Jino Paul DM

Provincial Secretary  : Rev. Sr. Magi Myladoor  DM

Total Number of Houses  & Service Centers   : 45

Sisters                                                              : 272


        Kudappanakkunnu (Generalate)

        01.  Rev. Sr. Susan Maria DM (General Councillor)

        02. Rev. Sr. Lisue Jose DM (CRT)

        03.  Rev. Sr. Jyothy Therese DM

1.   Provincial House (Established - 16 May 1957)

      Convent of the DM, Provincial House, Pongummoodu,

      Medical College P.O., Thiruvanathapuram- 695 011


      01.  Rev. Mother Mercy John DM

      02.  Rev. Sr. Tresa Peter DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Tresa Jose  DM

      04.  Rev. Sr. Savidha Therese DM

      05.  Rev. Sr. Rejin Therese DM

      06.  Rev. Sr. Jino Paul DM

      07.  Rev. Sr. Magi Myladoor DM

      08.  Rev. Sr. Joby Maria DM  (Co-Ordinator)

      09.  Rev. Sr. Vincent DM

      10.  Rev. Sr. Felicita  DM

      11.  Rev. Sr. Borgia  DM

      12.  Rev. Sr. Innocent DM

      13.  Rev. Sr. Placid DM

      14.  Rev. Sr. Eugine DM

      15.  Rev. Sr. Elsea DM

      16.  Rev. Sr. Lima DM

      17.  Rev. Sr. Assisi DM

      18.  Rev. Sr. Francina DM

      19.  Rev. Sr. Reena DM

      20.  Rev. Sr. Rachel DM

      21.  Rev. Sr. Mary Jacob DM

      22.  Rev. Sr. Therese Jacob DM

      23.  Rev. Sr. Clare John DM

      24.  Rev. Sr. Glory Therese  DM

      25.  Rev. Sr. Diveena Therese  DM

      26.  Rev. Sr. Rose Varghese DM

      27.  Rev. Sr. Johncy Perumalil DM

      28.  Rev. Sr. Irene Kannanthanam DM  (Tribunal Notary)    

      29.  Rev. Sr. Ancina Nedumpurath  DM

      30.  Rev. Sr. Divya Jose DM         

      31.  Rev. Sr. Sophia Paul  DM

      32.  Rev. Sr. Dhanya Jose DM         

      33.  Rev. Sr. Mareena Rose  DM                   

      34.  Rev. Sr.  Anns Mary DM

      35.  Rev. Sr. Angel Das DM

      36.  Rev. Sr. Jasmine Therese DM

      37.  Rev. Sr. Anit Arayanickal  DM

      38.  Rev. Sr. Elize Vengathanam DM

      39.  Rev. Sr. Remya James DM

      40.  Rev. Sr. Ann MaryDM

      41.  Rev. Sr. Jesline Francis DM

.     42.  Rev. Sr. Carmel Rose DM

      43.  Rev. Sr. Jovana Mary DM

      This is the Provincial House of St. Mary’s Province and formation house for the Aspirants.

      Activities:- Sisters are engaged in missionary activities, Working in Schools,16 mission stations. A team of sisters are involved in ‘Suvisesha sangam’ of the Archieparchy.

      Institutions: -

      01.  Infant Jesus Central School

      02.  St. Ephrem’s U.P School

      03. Gandhi Bhavan Tailoring School

2.   Adoor (Estd 17 May 1947)

      Convent of the DM, Adoor, Pathanamthitta-691 523


      01.  Rev. Sr. Vineetha George DM (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Felix  DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Lourde Mary  DM

      04.  Rev. Sr. Britto  DM

      05.  Rev. Sr. Linta DM

      06.  Rev. Sr. Theresina  DM

      07.  Rev. Sr. Joselet  DM

      08.  Rev. Sr. Maria Tom DM

      09.  Rev. Sr. Anns Paul DM

      Activities: Sisters are working in Holy Angel’s High school. They assist  6 mission stations. A student’s/ Ladies hostel and a baby crèche also are run by the sisters.

3.   Anchal (Estd 12 August 1949)

      Convent of the DM, Anchal P.O., Kollam Dt- 691 306


      01.  Rev. Sr. Lily Thomas DM  (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Ushes  DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Rosalia DM

      04.  Rev. Sr. Pazi DM

      05.  Rev. Sr. Dennis  DM

      06.  Rev. Sr. Sophia  DM

      07.  Rev. Sr. Chantal  DM

      08.  Rev. Sr. Bosco DM

      09.  Rev. Sr. Dorothy  DM

      10.  Rev. Sr. Faustine DM

      11.  Rev. Sr. Aquinas DM

      12.  Rev. Sr. Barbara DM

      13.  Rev. Sr. Cicily George DM

      14.  Rev. Sr. Doyle  DM

      15.  Rev. Sr. Canisious DM

      16.  Rev. Sr. Particia  DM

      17.  Rev. Sr. Maurus  DM

      18.  Rev. Sr. Merlin DM

      19.  Rev. Sr. Salomi DM

      20.  Rev. Sr. Benzy  DM

      21.  Rev. Sr. Amal Joseph DM

      22.  Rev. Sr. Deepa John DM

      23.  Rev. Sr. Sobha DM

      24.  Rev. Sr. Manjusha  DM

      25.  Rev. Sr. Vimal Jose DM

      26.  Rev. Sr. Sobitha DM

      27.  Rev. Sr. Daya Thomas DM

      28.  Rev. Sr. Ancelet  DM

      29.  Rev. Sr. Noel DM

      30.  Rev. Sr. Jacintha John DM

      31.  Rev. Sr. Gracious Maria DM

      32.  Rev. Sr. Elsitta Thomas  DM

      33.  Rev. Sr. Juli Abraham DM

      34.  Rev. Sr. July Agnes  DM

      35.  Rev. Sr. Josmin Kochumuttom DM

      36.  Rev. Sr. Angel Mattamundayil DM

      37.  Rev. Sr. Anugraha  DM

      38.  Rev. Sr. Ardra DM

      39.  Rev. Sr. Merin Kannanthanm DM

      40.  Rev. Sr. Saphalya DM

      41.  Rev. Sr. Retsy Rose  DM

      42.  Rev. Sr. Sherin Therese DM

      43.  Rev. Sr. Poornima DM

      44.  Rev. Sr. Roby Alphonse DM

      45.  Rev. Sr. Jeeva Mary DM

      46.  Rev. Sr. Nirmal Therese DM

      47.  Rev. Sr. Chaithanya Francis  DM

      48.  Rev. Sr. Noble Jose  DM

      49.  Rev. Sr. Therese Maria DM

      50.  Rev. Sr. Celin Therese DM         

      51.  Rev. Sr. Archana Jose DM (Study)

      52.  Rev. Sr. Akshaya George DM (Study)

      53.  Rev. Sr. Ansa Jacob DM (Study)                 

      54.  Rev. Sr. Ancilin John DM  (Study)                 

      55.  Rev. Sr. Ivan Maria  DM  (Study)

      56.  Rev. Sr. Leema Therese  DM         


      1.    St. Joseph’s Hospital

      2.    St. Joseph’s College of Nursing & School of Nursing

      3.    Nurses’ Hostel-2

      4.    Jayamatha Ladies Hostel

      Activities: Sisters are working in Institutions and assist in pastoral care of 18 Mission stations.

4.   Ayoor (Estd : 24 May 1970)

      Convent of the DM, Ayoor P.O., Kollam Dt. 691 533.


      01.  Rev. Sr. Preetha  DM  (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Basalia  DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Jermain Jacob  DM

      04.  Rev. Sr. Celin Christy DM         

      Activities: Sisters are working in Cherupushpa Central School. They are helping in the Mission stations.

5.   Ayoor - Karunya (Estd : 2 June 2008)

      Convent of the DM, Karunya Special School, Ayoor P.O. Kollam-691 533.


      01.  Rev. Sr. Prasada Jose DM (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Betsy Francis DM         

      03. Rev. Sr. Christeena Therese  DM         

      Activties: Sisters are mainly involved in pastoral care of Mission Stations. They run a residential special school for mentally retarded children.

6.   Chempanaruvi (Estd : 24th May 1989)

      Convent of the DM, Chempanaruvi P.O, Punalur (Via) Kollam Dt.


      01.  Rev. Sr. Karuna   DM  (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Seena   DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Ann Maria  DM

      Activities: They are conducting a free boarding for poor girls, teaching in L.P School. Sisters are working in mission stations and doing welfare activities there. Sisters run a small clinic for poor people of the locality.

7.   Chozhiakode

      Convent of the DM, Chozhiakode - 691 317


      01.  Rev. Sr. Celia   DM (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Annie Augustine  DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Soumya  DM

      Activities: Sisters are working in mission station. They are running an vocational training centre and engaged in welfare programmes for tribals.

8.   Good Samaritan Home

      Good Samaritan Home, Pazhaya Road,

      Medical College P.O., Trivandrum- 655 011


      01.  Rev. Sr. Kshema DM (Incharge)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Elizabeth Joseph DM

      Activities: Rendering service to the ailing people who are residing over there.

9.   Karyavattom (Estd 29 April 2002)

      Convent of the DM, ‘Arunodaya’, Karyavattom, TVM


      01.  Rev. Sr. Lisy Maria DM (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Philip Neri  DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Mariet Pokkolil  DM

      04.  Rev. Sr. Sibia Jose DM

      05.  Rev. Sr. Jyothis DM

      Activities: Sisters are working in mission stations. They are running a crèche and working in an L.P school.

10.        Kizhaketheruvu (Estd 25 May 1963)

      Convent of the DM, Kizhaketheruvu P.o., Kottarakara, Kollam -691 542


      01.  Rev. Sr. Christopher DM (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Berthold  DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Regis  DM

      04.  Rev. Sr. Remya Therese DM

      05.  Rev. Sr. Therese Job DM

      06.  Rev. Sr. Santhi Jose DM

      Activities: Sisters are working in mission stations, teaching in nursery L.P & High school. There is a Balabhavan, ‘SNEHALAYAM’ for poor girls.

11.        Munnammoodu

      Convent of the DM, St. Joseph’s Orphange,

      Vattiyoorkavu P.O., Munnammoodu, Trivandrum- 695 013


      01.  Rev. Sr. Samarpitha DM (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Esther DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Blessy Jose DM

      04.  Rev. Sr. Sharon Augustine DM

      Activities: Sisters are working in mission stations. There is a Balabhavan ‘St. Joseph’s Orphanage’ for poor girls, teach in St. Mary’s Pattom & Anchamada.

12.        Nalanchira

      St. Mary’s Malankara Seminary, Nalanchira P.o., Trivandrum- 695 015


      01.  Rev. Sr. Lizy  DM  (Incharge)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Paulsy Maria DM

      Activities: Sisters are working in the Library and Informary of the seminary.

13.        Narickal (Estd 25 Nov .1968)

      Convent of the DM, Narickal P.O., Punalur, Kollam - 691305


      01.  Rev. Sr. Alex  DM (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Tharcilla DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Betty DM

      04.  Rev. Sr. Regin Mary DM

      05.  Rev. Sr. Jose Mary DM

      06.  Rev. Sr. Anto Maria DM              

      Activities: Sisters are working in mission stations. They run St. Jude’s E.M. School.

14.        Pothencode (Estd 1 August 1968)

      Convent of the DM, Assisi Bhavan, Pothencode P.O., TVM- 695 584


      01.  Rev. Sr. Asish Maria  DM (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Gregory  DM (Karunalayam)   

      03.  Rev. Sr. Tresa Thomas DM

      04.  Rev. Sr. Daisy Cyriac DM

      05.  Rev. Sr. Anupama DM

      06.  Rev. Sr. Priya Paul DM

      07.  Rev. Sr. Augustina Nirappel DM

      08.  Rev. Sr. Josia Francis DM

      Activities: Sisters are doing mission work, run Mary Matha Central School. They are running an Old Age Home, ‘KARUNALAYAM.’ for destitute women.

15. Pulayanarkotta

      T.B. Rehabilitation centre, Pulayanarkotta, Thuruvikal p.o., TVM-695 031.


      01.  Rev. Sr. Roselet  DM (Incharge)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Florance  DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Isabel Manadan  DM

      Activities: sisters are working in the T.B Rehabilitation centre, visiting T.B. patients and providing spiritual help for them.

16. Santhinikethan (Estd Aug. 22nd 1971)

      Santhinikethan, Medical College P.o., Thiruvananthapuram- 695 011.


      01.  Rev. Sr. Tessy Arackal  DM (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Justine DM

.     03.  Rev. Sr. Kusumam  DM

      04.  Rev. Sr. Anjali Therese DM

      05.  Rev. Sr. Elizabeth George DM

      06.  Rev. Sr. Alexia Thazhath DM

      07.  Rev. Sr. Sneha Therese DM

      08. Rev. Sr. Anjana  DM

      09. Rev. Sr. Clarit Thekkethil DM

      Activities: Sisters are involved in Missionary activities, teach in the school and visit hospital. Run a hostel for ladies.

17. Urukunnu (Estd: 27 June 1980)

      Convent of the Dm, Urukunnu P.o., Kollam - 691329


      01.  Rev. Sr. Preshitha DM (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Annie John  DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Johncilin Karikunnel DM                                        

      Activities:Sisters are engaged in missionary activities.

18. Velloorkonam (Estd: 22 Aug. 1975)

      Convent of the DM, Velloorkonam, Nedumangad P.o., TVM- 695 541


      01.  Rev. Sr. Grace Mathew DM (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Udhaya Rose DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Princy Xavier DM

      Activities: Sisters are mainly engaged in missionary activities. They are teaching in central School attached to the parish and L.P. School at Karakulam.

19.        Vettithitta (Estd: 27th June 1980)

      Convent of the DM, Vettithitta, Piravanthoor P.O., Punalur (Via)


      01.  Rev. Sr. Athulya  DM (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Lincy Jose DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Parimala DM

      04.  Rev. Sr. Prakash Maria DM

      05.  Rev. Sr. Rani Jose DM         

      Activities: Sisters are working in the Nursery, L.P. and U.P. Schools and assisting in the Mission stations.


ST. JOSEPH’S Province (Marthandom)


20. Pattom (Estd. 18 September 2006)

      Convent of the DM, Jyothi Nagar, TC 3/1431(4),

      House No. 88, Pattom P.O, Trivandrum- 695004.


      01.  Rev. Sr. Emerit DM (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Nithya Francis DM

      03.  Rev. Sr. Naivedhaya DM

Activities: Sisters involve in parish ministry and education ministry and render service in the book stall of the Major Archieparchy of TVM.


NIRMALA Province (Venniyoor)


21. PMG, Pattom (Estd: 21 June 1991)

      Convent of the DM, T.C 12/15-1, P.M.G

      Pattom Down Road, Pattom P.O., Thiruvananthapuram – 695 004


      01.  Rev. Sr. Jean Mary DM (Superior)

      02.  Rev. Sr. Saumya Therese DM (Jubiliee Hospital)

      03.  Rev. Sr. Asritha DM  (Study)

      04.  Rev. Sr. Carmel Jose DM  (Study)

      05.  Rev. Sr. Ann Maria DM (Study)

Activities : Sisters study in colleges, and help in the Basalica parish activities and in other mission stations.