Major Archbishop's Charity Projects

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Major Archbishop's Charity Projects

That they may have life, and have it abundantly. 

The concept and realization of Major Archbishop’s Charity Fund in the Major Archdiocese of Trivandrum springs from the abundance of God’s love for His people that caters to not only man’s becoming spiritually developed but also physically improved. Ever since the assumption of the office as the Father and the Head of the Malankara Catholic Church, His Beatitude Cardinal Baselios Cleemis has written a responsible role himself to ease the burdens of life that haunt the people of God. His Beatitude believes that his participation in the Priesthood of Jesus Christ is nothing other than being united in love with the Lord and being extended in love for the fellow human beings. On the great occasion of the feast of his heavenly patron St. Baselios, His Beatitude sets himself with the gesture of receiving for the people of God. The contribution that is received during the occasion of the feast is spent for the social ventures of utmost importance for the cause of the poor. His Beatitude bases his acts of love and care on bold principles of human dignity, leverage, empowerment, interconnectedness, sustainability, social transformation and so on.  

2008, Bethlehem Boys Home, Kattakada

2009, Archbishop Mar Gregorios Snehaveedu, Nalanchira, Trivandrum

2010, Aaswasa Bhavan Special School, Cheekanal, Pathanamthitta

2011, St. John’s Community Hospital, Pirappencode, Trivandrum

2012, Dialysis Unit for poor patients at St. John’s Hospital, Pirappencode.

2013, Houses for 50 homeless families of Hindu and Muslim communities and home for all homeless in the Major Archdiocese of Trivandrum. 

2014, ‘Santhwanam’, Pattom, Trivandrum  – Care home for poor patients

2015, Archbishop Benedict Mar Gregorios Cancer Care home for poor cancer patients. 

2016, Saayujyam - A Home for the Retired and sick Priests, Pirappencode.

2017, Missionary help for the Diocese of Gurgaon and Exarchate of Khadki-Pune

2018, Ockhi Rehabilitation work in the Latin Archdiocese of Trivandrum.  

2019, Flood Relief and Rehabilitation work in the State of Kerala.

2020, Amma Veedu-Anchal, home for disolate women and widows.

2021, Charity and development project support for the Diocese of Marthandom

2022, Infrastructure and Education development of all in Bilaspur, Chattisgarah through the Diocese of Gurgaon

2023, Housing aid to the poor

Housing Aid to the Poor

Education and Development Support - Bilaspur

Charity, Education and Development Project - Marthandom

Amma Veedu - Anchal

Flood Relief work in Kerala

Ockhi Rehabilitation of Fishermen in Trivandrum

Missionary Help to the poor in Gurgaon and Khadki

Sayoojyam, Clergy Home, Pirappencode, Trivandrum

Archbishop Benedict Mar Gregorios Cancer Care Home, Pirappencode, Trivandrum

Swanthanam - Care home for poor patients

Snehapurvam Oru Veedu (Home for the Homeless) 1632 houses already buit project continues

Dialysis Unit in St. Johns Medical Village

St Johns Community Hospital

Aswasabhavan Special School

Archbishop Mar Gregorios Snehaveedu

Bethlahem Boys' Home